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Place for All

This project is made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.


Our Vision for Surrey: A Welcoming Place for All

In Surrey, welcoming newcomers is nothing new. For years, our city has been attracting the lion’s share of the region’s new immigrants and refugees, and devoting substantial resources to help them settle here.

Now, the Surrey Welcoming Communities Project is a new vehicle designed to take our welcome effort to the next level.

Supported by WelcomeBC, the project unites an array of previously unconnected initiatives into one coordinated force led by a highly engaged group of 25 local partners (The Surrey Welcoming Communities Committee). Together, our advisory members represent virtually every facet of Surrey life—an approach that has attracted the enthusiastic support of Mayor and Council.

By focusing “welcome” resources around a single shared vision, we can reach more deeply into our communities, and spark a fundamental change in attitudes and actions towards immigrants and refugees as they face of the challenge of creating a new life in our communities.

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